Corrupt Mayor Jiampetti Must Go

Residents of Egg Harbor City,

We are writing you today to ask for your support for Councilman Joseph A. Ricci Jr. for Mayor of Egg Harbor City. The current Mayor, Lisa Jiampetti has been defunding the police department for years now for her own political gain and agenda and to fuel her own ego. In addition, she has tried to mandate illegal activity towards the citizens of Egg Harbor City and the Employees that serve the residents of your city. It is only because of strong willed members of your police department that Lisa Jiampetti’s illegal mandates have been held in check. Below are some of the illegal and or unprofessional actions taken by the current Mayor that could expose the city taxpayers to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits;

  • In 2016, Lisa Jiampetti campaigned on a platform to fully staff the police department and promote leaders from within. She now refuses to hire more officers or promote because the police department has refused to comply with her illegal mandates.
  • On July 4th of 2019, Mayor Jiampetti called the police and told them to remove people at the Lake that were barbequing on the North Side of the Lake. When the Mayor was told the police couldn’t do that because there was no law or local ordinance that prevented residents from barbequing there, her response was that the city was losing money by letting them barbecue there and that the police “are in uniform and people will listen, so go tell them to leave”.
  • On July 14th of 2019, the mayor called a new officer on the police department and ordered him to go remove a tent that was setup at the lake in a designated recreation zone which allowed camping but wasn’t a location in which the city would receive money for the privilege of camping at the lake. The Mayor further directed this new officer to call her back when it was done. There was no law or city ordinance being violated with the tent where it was and this new officer was subject to discipline for following the Mayor’s illegal order.
  • The Mayor routinely violates the law by interfering in the day to day operations of the police department, something strictly prohibited by law to help prevent situations like those listed above. She Involves herself into Police investigations which she has no legal authority or training to do. She mandates manpower allocation and what will be prioritized by the police.
  • The Mayor refuses to use a city email address, instead using her own email address to conduct city business. She does this in an attempt to hide her illegal activities from OPRA requests, something she attempted when the PBA made several OPRA requests in the past.
  • The Mayor violates the cities own hiring practices. In one instance the police were told to hire a friend of the Mayor’s from a neighboring community despite their being qualified city resident applicants. Egg Harbor City policy mandates that city residents get preference in all jobs. The mayor wouldn’t allow the police to conduct the appropriate background investigations on the city residents and directed the police department to only do a background on her friend and then told them “I don’t expect any issues with his background”. When the applicant failed the background, the Mayor refused to hire anyone.
  • In another violation of city policy for hiring, The Mayor directed another friend to be hired by the police department with NO background completed, something that is required. Again, she refused to forward other applications received for consideration. In this case she even lied to the city Council and told them that this person was being hired under the same job description that existed from a previous employee which was a complete lie. The Mayor had a new job description implemented for her friend which substantially differed from the job description she referenced. In the end, after seven months of lies by Mayor Jiampetti, candidate Joseph A. Ricci Jr called her out via email to all city council about her unethical behavior. The mayor finally allowed the Police Department to start a hiring process.
  • Money is put into the police budget every year to hire more officers as the department is operating understaffed by many officers. The Mayor refuses to hire officers and at the end of the year removes the money from the police budget and who knows what happens to it then.
  • The sign of a good leader is the ability to be able to get people to work together for the mutual benefit of the residents and taxpayers. This mayor deliberately tries to create animosity and hostilities between city departments in an attempt to make the police department look bad.
  • The Mayor routinely violates State Laws that mandate how employer/employee relations should occur.
  • She wastes thousands of city tax dollars hiring lawyers to try and defend her frivolous charges against city employees that refuse to follow her illegal mandates and question what she is doing.
  • This Mayor is a habitual liar who only cares about her own perceived power. She attempts to run the day to day operations of the Police Department for her own political gain and for her ego.

This is all one year in the life of the corrupt Mayor Lisa Jiampetti. We could go on and on about the things that this Mayor has done that are either down right illegal or immoral but in the interest of brevity we have just highlighted some of the issues from 2019.

We urge you to send this Mayor a message with your vote on election day by voting for Joseph A Ricci Jr for Mayor. Councilman Joseph A. Ricci Jr. is a refreshing change from the directions of the current Mayor. He believes in the rights of the citizens of Egg Harbor City as well as the rights of each and every employee.  Mainland PBA 77 is proud to endorse Councilman Joseph A. Ricci Jr. for Mayor. Mr. Ricci has a lengthy history of public service and exemplifies character-driven leadership. He respects the rights of the citizens and employees of Egg Harbor City, something seriously lacking in the current Mayor